LoveSac Teams with San Clemente ACS Relay for Life
San Clemente ACS Relay for Life

One Day of Walking, a lifetime impact!!!


LoveSac Mission Viejo is a proud sponsor of ACS Relay For Life. We have donated the “purple couch”  being featured in all of the activites surrounding this time of remembrance, reflection, reflection and the continued fight!  The official start to this year’s Relay For Life of San Clemente will be celebrated during the kickoff party in April. The kickoff party for the annual event will be held at 6 p.m. April. 21 at Sun Dried Tomato in San Clemente. Those interested in learning more about the …relay are invited to attend.!/pages/Relay-For-Life-San-Clemente/50007887083

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life unites communities across the country each year to celebrate the lives of those who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against a disease that takes too much. 

We are committed to helping people get well, stay well, find cures, and fight back against cancer. The monetary support you provide is invested wisely. Learn more about how your donation helps save lives in California.


Fall Crazy in Love…Sac

Because it’s Phurry February, LoveSac has the perfect packages for your loved ones.


Because matching shirts always show true commitment.

Our Love Pets are the perfect pillow/blanket/stuffed animal combo for any child.

(or adult)

Nooder, Sjorn and Spade couldn’t be any cuter.

Through Valentine’s Day, stop in to get one of our Kid Chair Combos for $99.99

(similar to a Happy Meal, but 10 times better!)

What child wouldn’t be ecstatic to receive Sjorn AND a chair their size?

As for gifts of the adult kind, check out our His & Her Comfort Packages.

Stop in the store to get this combination of comfort for $149.99

We have the Slippers and Love Throws in two fabulous colors.

Last and certainly not least,

remember when we asked you about your favorite position?

Well when you purchase a PillowSac and Designer Cover before Valentine’s Day,

the Bomb Bed Pillow is yours.

So stop in to feel the Love….

…..our Love is the Bomb and SO IS OUR PILLOW!

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Phurry February
February 11, 2011, 9:54 pm
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Here at LoveSac, we’re all about inspiration.

In honor of February, everything you LOVE about the Sac comes in Phur.

Our inspiration?

Well, you can never know for SURE, but we have a theory…

Behold! A little something we like to call: The C-String Stache

Don’t let it fool you.

Though it looks sweet and innocent (debatable), remember that we warned you.

At times, transformation ensues.

The result? The alter ego: C-Mag

This human-form chick magnet may be dangerous, but the results are gratifying.

Lucky for us, C-Mag has been busy creating.

First in-line: Phurry Sacs

We all know that a REAL man likes to sit in a purple Sac.

However, if King Phur is not for you, we have 5 phurry choices.

Our Sactionals also come in all 5 Phurs.

(pictured below: Eskimo Phur)

Second in-line: Phurry Feet

REAL men also wear Phurry Slippers (available in 2 colors).

We don’t recommend wearing the slippers & sitting in a purple Sac at the same time.

(unless you’re ready for craziness)

Third in-line: Phurry Comfort

Our FootSacs are PERFECT for lounging on the couch.

Did you know that they have a foot pocket on them?

It’s a perfect place to store your Love Pets and Phurry Balls.

How big is the FootSac?

The FootSac is one Dakota tall.

(or 50×60)

If the FootSac is not quite large enough for you, we have a solution.

The King Blanket is MASSIVE.

After that, only one thing can take your comfort to the next level.

This pillow says one thing: I WANT YOUR BODY.

Last in-line: Phurry Balls

C-Mag makes our lives full of phurry comfort,

so stop in and let us spread the love around.


LoveSac Mission Viejo Supports Project Cuddle
February 10, 2011, 7:15 pm
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