Black Friday at LoveSac
November 21, 2011, 11:32 pm
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Black Friday at LoveSac

Lions, Tigers, and Cows? This (not quite) winter has been all about the Cow Phur. It might be the softest thing you’ve ever touched. Or in the words of Darla, “Smoother than a baby’s bottom”.


While you may have popped in and experienced the Cow Phur already, there are an unfortunate group of people who have not. And this is not only unacceptable it is downright depressing. It is reminiscent of those ASPCA commercials with Sarah McLaughlin or the Feed a Child for a penny a day commercials.

While many Kobe’s have found good homes there are still one’s searching for a loving family to take them home and allow them to keep their owners warm on their unusually soft LoveSacs.

For Black Friday Kobe and his other delectable Cowphur accessories will be offered at the special price of: $ 599.00 For the SuperSac Package which includes our most popularly sized SuperSac insert, the Squattoman insert (Yes, that does mean it’s an Ottoman you can, in fact, pop a squat on), the SuperSac CowPhur cover, the Squattoman Cowphur cover, a Cowphur tubesac for extra neck support, a Cowphur soda sac-so you really don’t have to ever leave your Sac, and a Cowphur throw blanket (which in itself is worth it). This is usually a $1250.00 package-so this deal won’t last long.

We also will have the CitySac Cowphur Package available which comes with all the same Cowphur goodies in the SuperSac just in our slightly smaller City Sac size. In place of the Cowphur throw you will get Kobe, our friendly cow whose sole purpose in life is to keep you warm with the blanket that he is stuffed with. This is regularly priced at $1000.00 and will be available on Black Friday for $499.00. Yes, we are givers here.

Feel free to create a drinking game out of this post (You must be 21 or over to participate). I recommend-Drink every time you read the word “Cowphur”. And don’t you dare drive after.

In addition to our incredibly awesome package pricing we will offer a few other deals on our 5 Series Sactionals. Did you just ask yourself, “What in the Pumpkin Pie is a Sactional?” Well good news, I’ve got an answer for you. Our Sactionals are completely modular furniture that is easily rearrange able, changeable, and moveable (your friends with trucks who you only talk to when you move will thank you). The 5 Series is slightly smaller than your average couch. Great for apartments, Offices, Bedrooms, or other small spaces that you want to be incredibly comfortable and still able to walk.

The regular pricing on our 5 Series Four base and Five side setup (pictured above, sans ottoman) Ranges from $1950.00 to $2275.00 and on Black Friday, for the first hour only, they will be available for 30%off. Three color options will be Black leather, Chocolate Velvet, and Bidness Tweed. We will only have two of each color available at these prices so eat your turkey (or Tofurkey) early and rest up to ensure first in line status at the Mission Viejo Lovesac Store.

We will also be offering 30% off of inserts for the first hour and 10% off of inserts for the rest of the day after that. On Black Friday we will not be taking custom orders at the discounted rate. But do not fret, if you have decided on an incredibly awesome Sactional, but, none of our Premade Collection tickled your fancy. We can help. Just get your inserts on Black Friday, then, when you come to pick up said-inserts later in the week we can go through our extensive collection of custom fabrics and create your custom order then. We will be able to take Custom Orders on Friday, it just won’t be discounted. We don’t want to hold you from your other shopping.

Below I’ve listed all the deals just in case I overwhelmed you with my witty and rambly blog (I have a little bit too much fun at work and yes, I did just make up the word “rambly”):

First Hour:

30% off all inserts in the store.

Only covers discounted will be Pre-made Collection.

18 Month financing not available at this rate

6 Month financing OK

Rest of the day:

10% off all inserts in the store.

Only covers discounted will be Pre-made Collection.

All Financing OK at this rate.


Black Friday Hours:


Feel Free to call us if you have ANY questions at 949-347-0031.

Or just stop by before Black Friday, survey the situation, plan your attack. I can offer training tips for Black Friday. You know-stretches, karate block moves, slight gymnastics, dodging techniques, appropriate outfit choices (hint: bright colors get sales people’s attention), we also will always accept Pumpkin Spice lattes or cookies-not as bribe, simply as a gift for selling you the most awesome thing you will have in your house. That was sarcasm in case it didn’t read through in this font. (I’m really working on a sarcasm font-can someone at Microsoft get on that? Thanks!)

In closing, Happy Turkey Day, if you celebrate it. If you don’t, Happy Black Friday’s Eve.  We will see you on Friday the 25th bright and early. And yes, we will be this perky at 4:00am-you’re welcome


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