Well, We Survived
November 26, 2011, 7:56 pm
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Didn’t it seem like EVERYONE was talking about Black Friday this year? I mean everyone. I particularly adore the Target ads with the incredibly obnoxious, but spot on, housewife in her preparations for the event.


That’s sort of how Stacy, Bryan, Matt, and I looked in the morning. We did just about everything we could to prep for the long day we had ahead of us. My dad came to the rescue with Pumpkin Spice Lattes about four hours into our day and we got pumping. We all stumbled, half asleep, in around 2:30AM and were amazed and excited to see a crowd outside our door already. After our shots of energy drinks and an excessive amount of cupcakes we were awake and ready to roll. We proceeded to get ready and decided to open a little early to show our appreciation to the dedication of our loyal Sac Fans.


If only, right?

Our deals for the first hour were awesome and our customers knew it!! But after that initial rush it slowed down and we tried our hardest to stay awake during the down time by dancing to Christmas Music and quoting old movies, like Caddyshack and Airplane.

But once the masses decided to show up around 11:00AM- they never left!! We were running our patooties off and we liked it.

Wait, what’s that?

You wish you could’ve made it in to get a Cowphur package at half off but Aunt Wanda would NOT let you leave Wal Mart?

 It’s ok, we still have a great deal on those packages. The Super packages are originally priced at $1250.00. What? Too much? Ok, FINE. $699.00 until we run out, if you insist.

If a SuperSac is just too big for you to handle, we can accommodate your smaller space with our CitySac Cowphur package regularly priced at $1100. And just for you, our loyal Sac fan, it will be $550.00 until we run out.

It’s because we care.

Did I mention we also got about two hundred-yep, I said two hundred-new custom fabrics in? And the best part, they’re all Made in America. So when you sit on your delectable new M.I.A custom Red, White, and Blue Chenille Sactional, drinking a Budweiser, cheering on your favorite football team, waving an American flag, and singing the National Anthem every commercial break-wait, you don’t do that too?-Oh, Nevermind.

But seriously, our new fabrics are KILLER. (Not of the Dexter sort). There are some AWESOME patterns and some great new fabrics that are durable, colorful, classy, wild, and even mostly machine washable. Yep, I said it, Machine Washable.

Are you sweating the big stuff too much? Well, let us calm you. We have little stuff too. Cowphur Memory foam slippers for Grandma? A King Blanket for your brother? Kobe the blanket birthing cow for your little sister? A Kid’s Chair for your nephew? A Buddha bowl to replace the other bowl Uncle Tom broke on Thanksgiving? A Paper Wallet for your Secret Santa at work? New throw pillows for your Mom’s ever changing taste? An I Want Your Body Pillow with a Knitted cover for your significant other? If I forgot anyone let me know, I am great at gift ideas.


In closing, our team kicked major bootay on Black Friday and hopefully created a few new Loyal Sac Fans in the process. We might want to punch anyone who whines about getting no sleep yesterday because they were out scoring awesome deals-unless of course those deals were acquired at LoveSac. Special props to Bryan and Stacy for manning the store even longer than I did (which my shift was almost 12 hours so you can only imagine what their day/night was like).  We will see you all before Christmas. And a little reminder, today officially makes it less than a month until Christmas morning. Yep, I said it, less than 4 official weeks. That’s 3 weekends, 4 Fridays, 28 days, 672 hours, 40,320 minutes, 2,419,200 seconds away. That’s 672 episodes of Jersey Shore. 1,344 Friends Re-runs. Yep, it’s just around the corner. See you soon.

-Erin-The Only Blonde Mission Viejo Sac’r


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