Moo-ve over Santa
December 20, 2011, 6:27 pm
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Moo-ve Over Santa

It’s this time of year that everyone gets a little crazy. If you haven’t noticed, consider yourself lucky.

Let’s talk about how crazy we are here at LoveSac. We still have CowPhur packages and we’re selling them at almost half off. Still. Unfortunately for us (and fortunately for you) this kind of crazy isn’t exclusive to the holidays. We’re always crazy.

For instance, the CitySac Cow Phur package is $1100.00. But not in our store, nope. We’re crazy and offering it at $549.00. Yep, shave our heads and call us Britney Spears circa 2007.


The City Sac is AWESOME for bedrooms, offices, dorm rooms, barracks rooms, or people who really don’t want to share their Sac. The package comes with; The Sac, The Squattoman, both of those covers, the Tube Sac, the Soda Sac, and Kobe-the blanket pooping cow. It’s basically a Sac lover’s dream come true. You’re welcome.


Don’t forget about all of our last minute gifts we have. And we have a lot!! And they’re awesome. Blanket pooping animals, incredibly comfortable blankets, throw pillows for days, kids chairs, Snow in a can…if you can think it we probably have something more awesome than it.

And finally, Happy Holidays. Merry Chrismahanukwanzika.

And since it’s the first day of Hanukkah, you all get to hear our FAVORITE Hanukkah song here at LoveSac.

Adam Sandler’s Chanukkah song

(Adam Sandler Chanukkah song)


Less Than Two Weeks!!!!
December 13, 2011, 5:03 pm
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Pressure is on. Time is running out. Let the shopping anxiety set in. Wait, what am I saying?? No anxiety here at LoveSac. We’re all having too much fun to stress.

Yep It’s almost here. The line to meet Santa is growing; the frantic-“Order now to get it in time” emails are flying through Cyber Space, and we’re just lounging comfortably at LoveSac doing what we do best!!

Stop in soon, Cowphur packages are almost gone!!!

Parking tip: 3rd floor, Nordstrom’s parking garage close to Forever 21. Best spot out there, you can almost always find a spot there!!! (come in off Marguerite)

See you soon!! We promise to make you smile despite the masses of stressed out holiday shoppers!!!

Plus, who doesn’t want to kick their feet up for a minute after pounding the tile?


It’s the Bidness.
December 9, 2011, 12:10 am
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Who says that? Oh yea, Snoop D-O Double G says it. Fo’ Shizzle.


 So here at the Sacizzle we have some 5series Sactionizzies, and they’re the Bidness. Literally. The fabric we use is called Bidness Tweed. The color matches with just about any décor and can be dressed up or dressed down. It’s the shiznit. Fo’ Sheezy. –Ok, We’re done. (Maybe)


Pretty snazzy right? Here’s some of the perks of the Bidness Tweed. Other than it’s awesome name; giving you full rights to bust out Snoop Dogg every time you sit on it. It’s completely Modular like all of our Sactionals. It’s easy to move. It matches just about any décor. I mean come on, Grey Tweed? What doesn’t go with the color grey? It’s amazingly comfortable. It has the flexibility to fit in any space you are currently living in or move to in the future. And it being the 5 Series it will be slightly more cost effective for you. The most popular set up, being a 4 base, 5 side sactional would run you about $1699.00. Whereas the 6 series is about 20% more-to accommodate the size difference. The 5 series is going to run about 20% smaller than our 6 Series which makes it great for apartments, extra bedrooms, smaller living areas, offices, master suites, oversized kids bedrooms, man caves, reading corners, libraries, woman caves, or just chillin’ sippin’ on some Gin and Juice. Ok, Maybe we’re done with the Snoop references now…but probably not. Did I mention the lifetime guarantee on the frame? Yep, it’s true. Fo’ Rizzeal.

Now here at Lovesac we realize it’s the holidays (how we could we forget, we’ve been hearing the mall Christmas music since November) and not all of you are looking to purchase one of our awesome Sactionals quite yet. And that’s ok. We understand. We’ve got all the stuff you need to cross names off your gift list. Naughty or Nice.


Yep, we even sell snow. You’re welcome South Orange County. It looks strikingly similar to real snow, but it’s far less edible, and far less cold. One can gets you a decent amount of snow, but sorry Ski and Snowboard junkies-you’ll have to buy quite a bit to create a park in your backyard. Its only $5 so it’s great for your Secret Santa, White elephant, Stocking stuffers, or that guy at work who ALWAYS buys everyone in the office gifts.


Cute Slippers right? And the comfiest slippers your cold little toes will slip into. Ever. Seriously. They are stuffed with Memory foam and are similar to walking on a cloud-not that any of us really know what that feels like but we imagine it’s a lot like wearing LoveSac slippers. They also come in Cowphur. So not only are they comfy inside but they are SO soft outside. Great gift for anyone who has feet.


Do you love someone? Show them. Buy them a Love Throw or a King Blanket. The comfiest, warmest, cuddliest, softest blanket EVER. Seriously. No explanation needed, just come feel it.

Got little ones in your life? Know someone who is a pillow hog? Kid chairs are awesome for younger kids, big kids, or pets. We have Spay and Neuter enjoying them right now. Spay and Neuter are those adorable Grey and White puppies sitting on the kids chairs. They aren’t just stuffed animals. Oh no-they are so much more. They are stuffed with a blanket. Two birds, one stone. You’re also looking at the I Want Your Body Pillow. Filled with Down it may be the softest thing in your house. You can change your covers and customize it to your style. Great for the pillow hog in your life.


Do you know someone who lives for coffee, hot chocolate, or soup? Well Buddha, Udon, and Ramen bowls are for them. The Udon and Ramen bowl come with chopsticks and they are the perfect size. Great, Now we’re hungry and craving soup.


Don’t forget stuff for your Christmas tree!! We have adorable handmade Cow ornaments. The recycled cardboard tree makes for great office decoration. The Cow coaster? Perfect for your beer drinking outdoorsman. We also have paper wallets and cow finger puppets. Stocking stuffers galore we tell you!!!

***** Christmas Morning Hint: Before Christmas Eve stop into our store, Stock up on Furry Balls (designed solely to throw at people), and use them to wake up your crew on Christmas morning. I’m talking pelt them with furry balls. It’s punishment for not waking up in time for present unwrapping.

In closing:

“That’s the bidness mayne, step my game up in this mayne

Long hours hard minutes mayne, with this hustle on splendid mayne

P.A. Perfect attendance mayne

Cause I’m a boss

Yeah, real bossy like, and sometimes flossy.”

Wait, what? Snoop must speak a different language. We speak Justin Bieber much more fluently here at LoveSac. (Just Kidding…kinda)

Peace out loyal Sacizzle Fansizzies. Word to your mother.

Wait. That was Vanilla Ice, huh?

Happy Holidays From The Crew at LoveSac MV
December 3, 2011, 7:05 pm
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Happy Holiday from the LoveSac MV Crew

Holiday greetings from all of us here at LoveSac MV. We are super excited to be going through the holidays with such an awesome team and we have decided it’s time you get to know them a little better.

Let’s start with us as a whole:


Left To Right: Erin, Matt, Stacy (Mama Sac), Steven, Ryan (lower), Bryan.

Yep, that’s our crew, and yes, Derek Zoolander was right when he said that there was more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I’m not just talking about the Top Grain Cigar Brown Leather Sactional we are sitting on…


So we’ll start with Mama Sac, The Big Cheese, The Hot Brunette, Our Store Manager-Stacy. You can find Stacy furiously responding to emails and following up with one of her many loyal clients for no reason other than she really likes her clients. She won’t pull the manager card unless she has to and falls into the category “Coolest boss ever” for all of us. Her Sac specialty would be convincing you to kick back in a Sac when you’re standing outside the store wondering what in the heck those huge fluffy things are in the store called LoveSac.

Next up we have Baby Sac, The Almost Big Cheese, The guy with Durafoam Lungs, Our Acting Assistant Manager-Bryan. Bryan is most commonly found at LoveSac. We sometimes debate whether he ever actually goes home. He picks up the rest of our slack if we’re having an off day (which doesn’t happen because we’re all perfect). And he’s really good at Sac/Sactional Tetris in our back room. Bryan’s Sac specialty would have to be attention to detail, you better believe he will point out the amazing stitching, the handmade sides, and maybe even find a super slightly crooked staple just to prove how handmade our Sactionals really are.

And now we have Bat Sac, Guru Sac, Buddha Sac-Steven. Steven is commonly found walking the mall telling his friends, who work at other locations and frequent our store on breaks, about our awesome package deals (Cowphur Super for $699? Yes, I know. Get it while it lasts). His clients are always happy and almost always come back for more. He has a serious affinity for Batman and we’re not quite sure, but he may wear the bat symbol, in some form, daily.  Steven’s Sac specialty is his Sactional Demo, he will get a Sactional Demo in-no matter what. Sometimes he just does the demo to no one in hopes it will catch someone’s eye. He wants EVERYONE who walks through our door to see how awesome they really are.

Up next is Pika Sac (and he’ll kill us for using that nickname), our class clown, the guy in glasses-Ryan. Ryan can be found making all of us laugh so hard our abs hurt. He’s relatively new to our team and has caught on quickly. He has the details down and will research anything you ask about to make sure he gives you the best and most accurate answer. For instance, he would tell you that we have less than half of the Sac Packages we got and they are going fast. So not to rush you or anything, but these things are flying out the door. Ok, we’re rushing you. Ryan’s Sac specialty would be his ability to make our clients feel right at home in our store. After all, most of our stuff ends up in their homes, right?

Now we have the yet-to-be-nicknamed Sac, the other girl, the only blonde-Erin. Erin is also new to the store and can often be found flipping through our new Made in America swatches coming up with fabric combos for future clients. She won’t miss an opportunity to tell you how much her dog loves the Movie Sac she has at home. Her Sac Specialty would have to be her incredibly good looks, her mind blowing brains, her wit and charm, and so much more. (Ok, so maybe she is writing this blog and didn’t know what to write so she decided to pretend to be really cocky and write a run on sentence explaining herself when she was really being super sarcastic and is pretty confident she knows her stuff at LoveSac with a whole lot to learn too) Phew, her high school English teacher would have HATED that parenthesis.

And last but definitely not least we have our Young Gun, the newest addition to our team, our Runner-Matt. Matt was brought on to prevent the rest of us from ripping our hair out of our heads. He can be found fluffing Sacs. He also can be found after you purchase your perfectly fluffed Sac, he will load your very own Sac in your car for you, explain how they work, and send you off with a smile. Matt has gone above and beyond to learn about our product and if he has some down time, he isn’t afraid to dive in and show you how awesome our products are. His Sac specialty would have to be his ability to carry all our heavy stuff for us. Especially when it’s just Stacy and Erin here, their muscles aren’t up to par. But his specialties are growing rapidly so look for the updated blog on our staff this spring.

Now, quick reminder ladies and gents: These Sac packages are flying out the door. And we aren’t trying to be pushy sales people (no commission here). They seriously are flying out the door. For example, we were equipped with sixty Super Sac Cowphur packages and are down to about twenty left. Once we run out, we don’t get more. So if you’re debating getting a sac package don’t hesitate. The one you want could be gone.


The packages we have available are:

SuperSac: (Most include: Sac, Squattoman, both covers, TubeSac, and Soda Sac) Cowphur (also includes blanket), Green Wildthings, Brown or Black Microleather, Red Dot, Crème Knitted, Brown Houndstooth, and a few others. These range from $599-$699.

MovieSac: (Most include: Sac, Squattoman, both covers, TubeSac, and Soda Sac)  Cheetah Chenille, Brown or Black Microleather, and Red Dot. Ranging from $499-$599

PillowSac: (Includes Sac, Sac Cover, The Rocker, two matching throw pillows)  Green Houndstooth, Black and White Flannel, Bamboo Green, and the HoneyBadger. Ranging from $499-$550

CitySac: (Most include: Sac, Squattoman, both covers, TubeSac, and Soda Sac) Cowphur (includes Kobe, the blanket stuffed cow), Brown Houndstooth, and Black Leather. Ranging from $449-$549.

See you soon and Happy Holidays.