The Most Interesting Couch in the World
January 12, 2012, 7:55 pm
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Ok, so maybe the Most Interesting Man in the World doesn’t “officially” endorse Sactionals, but we bet if he had knowledge of them he totally would.

Let’s start with the basics: Yes-this is a LoveSac Sactionals you are looking at above. Is your mind overloaded with Classiness? It’s ok, ours too. This Sactionals happens to be lucky enough to be covered with our Top Grain, Cigar Brown Leather. Look, if you’re one of those leather skeptics don’t knock it till you try it. Erin (remember, the blonde one) HATES leather. For no reason other than personal opinion and strangeness….. But she’s already plotting how to save up for a Cigar Brown Sactionals. What converted her you ask? Direct Quote: “It’s just F&*$ing Sexy.” (And such a lady about it)

She doesn’t always prefer leather, but when she does she prefers LoveSac Top Grain.


Now, let’s break it down…

Which is exactly what you can do with our Sactionals-break them down.

I’m sure most of our loyal fans are familiar with our Sactionals and how they work but just in case you’re not we’ll recap really quickly.

They are 100% Modular. You buy our Sactionals Naked and by piece. Then you purchase the covers of your choice and set it up how you please. Above is the Movie Lounger set up. 4 bases, 4 sides. The first picture posted is a 4 base 5 side. So, very similar pieces, tons of options.

The Cigar Brown leather is the PRIMO fabric covers we have in our store. Don’t get us wrong, our other 400 fabrics are top notch but the Cigar Brown is MIND BLOWING. It’s about as high end as you can get when it comes to leather. Plus, no two top grains are identical-bringing a whole new meaning to “custom” covers. Now because of its natural state it will scratch, scar, crease, and color slightly different daily. The more worn it looks- the better it looks. The first leather couch you’ll have ever that you won’t mind people beating up. We’ve had our display model on the floor for a month or two now and it gets better every day. One of those things that gets better with age. Like Cougars and Manthers.

Mix a Top Grain Sactionals with some CowPhur oversized throw pillows and enjoy. Trust us.

You just got a new couch or you absolutely love your couch you already have (which makes us assume you are already a Sactionals owner-habit) but you are totally digging this Cigar Brown Top Grain Leather? Don’t worry, we have Sac packages in the Top Grain too.

Who knew you could have a couch with so much class and so much versatility? We did.

You may not always buy LoveSac, but when you do it’s for all your home furnishing needs.

And for your own entertainment, some really funny quotes from The Most Interesting Man in The World’s twitter account:

“He took a breathalyzer test and the result was FRESH”

“He once won a dog show, with his cat”

“He Knows 5 words that rhyme with Orange”

“He knows how much wood a woodchuck can chuck”

“He once talked Spongebob Squarepants into wearing Round Pants”

“Donald Trump used to be his Apprentice, He was fired”

“Lego’s are hurt by him when he steps on them”

“He once watched 60 minutes in half an hour”

“He took the bite out of the apple in the Apple logo”

“During the pledge of allegiance, everyone faces him”

“The opening scene of Saving Private Ryan is loosely based on a night when the pizza delivery man was two minutes late with his dinner”

“He was inducted into the baseball hall of fame as a bat boy”

“Jagger has moves like him”

“Batman sends him a signal when he’s in trouble”

“SWAT teams call him when they need backup”

“Ripley Can’t believe him”

“Before the NFL ended the lockout he had won his fantasy football league”

“You think Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon? Think again my friends”

“He once farted Beethoven’s 9th symphony in D minor”

“His beard once fought a hurricane and won”

“Freddy Krueger has nightmares about him”

“He is the reason Waldo is hiding”

“His beard is considered a deadly weapon in 23 countries”

“He solved all 99 of Jay Z’s problems”

And my personal favorite:

“He knows why the chicken crossed the road”


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