To all the Mom’s out there.

Look, we get it, being a Mom is HARD. REALLY HARD.

Sometimes you come home and see things like this:

At Lovesac the above problem can be solved by Machine-Washable covers. Or an inexpensive replacement of the covers that protected the insides of your Sactionals or Sacs.

Sometimes you see things like this too:

That we really can’t do much about, sorry. But I give the little guy props, at least he’s not evading the Police…yet.

And quite frankly we understand that things like this-

Make you feel like this woman:

We have a solution for you-hint hint to those buying Mom a gift for this weekend.

Our Pillowsac Package is the PERFECT solution for rest at last. It has a TWO lifetime warranty-so even the rowdiest of children will have a hard time destroying this. The covers come off and are Machine Washable-Paint, Peanut Butter, Crayons, Dirt, etc. don’t stand a chance. With our new Padded Rocker the walls and floors are safe from damage. Plus you get two matching throw pillows to tie it in. To your couch, bed, or bed-sheet tent. All of this is running between $549-$599 depending on the fabric you choose. Mom will thank you, eternally, but only after she takes a nap.

And for those of you who aren’t Mom’s, don’t live near your Mom, or have already come up with an ALMOST as awesome gift for her, the deal isn’t exclusive to Mom’s so come get yourself one.

I mean, Dog Mom’s deserve some rest too…

Hurry down, these prices are good as long as the packages last-and they’re going quickly.

See you soon.


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That looks comfortable.

Comment by Ben

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