Define Spring Break

In Elementary school, spring break means a week to hang out with Mom and Dad. Maybe go on a vacation to visit family. Or head to Disneyland.


In High School, Spring Break means begging your parents to let you go to Mexico with your friends but instead sneaking out of your window to go see the midnight premiere of the new Harry Potter movie (totally not a personal story)


In college, spring break means alcohol, bathing suits, and maxing out your credit card in Vegas or Cancun.


After college you hear people talking about Spring Break and just get depressed because most employers don’t offer those.


But here at Lovesac Spring Break has a whole different meaning. It means summer preparation. Forget the gym. Forget the tanning salon. We might let you go to the Laundromat to wash your Sactionals covers though.


Head straight to Lovesac to get yourself ready for the summer.

We have killer new Sac Packages, Outdoor Sactionals, Outdoor Rugs, Umbrellas, Sactionals, Modern Bird Houses, and so much more!


Let me paint a picture for you: Your good friend sitting on your new Milkweed Super Sac…


Now…It’s Cinco De Mayo, so add the Sombrero and Margarita…


Much better right?

See how Lovesac can really improve a spring/summer holiday?

Our new Outdoor Sactionals can really bring a family together too.


Unfortunately that does not mean we can get the kids to put down the iPhones.

But we can make them comfortable enough to only half ignore you while tweeting.

Good news is Lovesac products are proven to turn this tweet:

@bieberluvr37: My Parents r SO Lame. OMFG have u seen this wire crap I have to sit on? Um ew mom. Get with it. Go to Lovesac.


@bieberluvr37: I would just like to state that not only have I decided to study for my SAT’s over spring break but I will make my mother breakfast in bed every morning and send my father to work with a fresh cup of coffee and well balanced lunch.

@bieberluvr37: Thanks for getting me Outdoor Sactionals @coolestmom22 and @tuffdad14. My life is complete.

Here’s more proof Lovesac products can really help mold your spring breakers into fine individuals:

16 year old Courtney Stodden’s parents never bought her Lovesac


This girl’s parents obviously did


We will let you decide how to start your spring break…but let’s be honest. The choice is clear. Purchasing Lovesac for your home will not only greatly improve your summer, but it will mold your children into fine individuals.


Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls…It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

Outdoor Sactionals are here!!!

Let’s first give you the details:

1. Included with each Base are two sets of covers for the Base Cushion and Back Pillow – the covers are weather-resistant and very durable.

The lighter fabric is meant for spring and summer while the darker fabric works well for fall-or mix and match. That’s the beauty of Outdoor Sactionals.

2. They are still modular and lifetime warrantied*…doubting how we can lifetime warranty OUTDOOR furniture?

Well don’t:

We trust Mother Nature doesn’t stand a chance against our Outdoor Sactionals

3. Pricing is as follows: $500 per base $250 per side. That includes the two different weather resistant covers, the base frame, and your side. You buy as many pieces as you need for your backyard, it will never be “too big” or “too small” because that’s just how we roll.

4. We have limited quantities now so we are PRESELLING. Come in, see more pictures. And get your setup today.

We also will come out, scope your backyard, and help you figure out exactly what works for you. Plus, we always want an excuse to be outside-because Southern California is the Tim Tebow of America-you know, we get really lucky all the time.

(we at Team Mission Viejo believe in Tebow [NOT THE BRONCOS THOUGH])

So, does your backyard look like this?

That’s comparable to The Beast before his transformation

Well it can look like this:

Which is way better like when the Beast-ahem-Beauty was all cleaned up:

Look, here’s what we’re trying to break down:

Pun Intended.

The weather changes, life changes, so should your outdoor furniture.

*Lifetime warranty on Sides and Base Frame only, cushions have a limited warranty.

^ That’s a sneak peek at other stuff rolling out this Spring. We’re as excited as you are!!

It all should be in the store to touch and feel mid-march. If you would like us to contact you as soon as our patio furniture is available in stores email us with your name and best method of contact (cell, home phone, email, postcard, etc.) We’ll call you the second it passes through our back door.

Note from the author (Erin):

Completely unrelated to Outdoor Sactionals, But very relevant to Southern California (And my Disney Geek clients):

I used to work at Club 33 at Disneyland, and I have talked to quite a few Disney Geeks in my time here at Lovesac. I remember one of my clients talking quite fondly of a man named Ernie who played Jazz Guitar in New Orleans square or above the Blue Bayou daily. Ernie was the last remaining cast member hired by Walt himself. The story was that Walt went to New Orleans looking for inspiration for his own New Orleans square at Disneyland. He found Ernie, and two other Jazz musicians and begged them to come perform at Disneyland. They agreed under one condition: that they could keep their mustaches. (There was a STRICT no facial hair policy for cast members). Walt struggled with this but later agreed to their terms and Ernie and his crew packed up and moved to Anaheim to perform in the park for Walt. Ernie’s dressing room was right outside the Cast Member entrance to Club 33 and every day, twice a day, he would walk through and say hello to all us Cast members and shake the hands of children who thought he was the coolest because he knew Walt. He worked everyday until he passed this last Tuesday Morning. He got hired in 1966. Now that’s job dedication. Rest in Peace Ernie. I hope you’re hanging out rocking out with your band mates for Walt.